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NEGRO: Finding Identity - Ryan

"The reason I don’t see myself as Latino is precisely because of the definitions and the very strict boundaries that are sort of around latinidad  in itself, and so for example if you turn on the tv, if you look at a newspaper, if you look at any type of magazine that talks about latinidad it is never an image of myself, it is never an image of my family, it’s always a whiter version of…a very Hispanic..hispanicized… European…version of things and hence I find difficulties in that, because I do not want to leave behind what’s important to me  which is that blackness…so in every way possible I always try to give the most complicated response…because I want to get away from these static visions of what a person is, what an afrolatino is, what a black person is, what a latino is…because of these strict boundaries that we have that don’t allow us to see difference within it."

Ryan Hamilton talks about the history of migration in the Caribbean, drawing from his own family. His community work is rooted in reclaiming African Diasporic connections in the Americas. 

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The Roots"through the mothers’ hair, their children are born"


The Roots
"through the mothers’ hair, their children are born"

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